Whether you are face-to-face or connecting virtually, meaningful conversations are critical to building strong relationships and developing trust. Conversation Prompts, Quotes, Energizers, and all the content you’ll find in the Exchange are designed to help groups get relaxed or energized, so they can open up and have meaningful conversations.


Each theme has 30+ prompts. Subject matter experts helped develop all topic-specific prompts to ensure their suitability for team development.

  1. Select your favorite themes or choose specific prompts within a theme. You can select content from up to 6 themes.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the themes and your preferred prompts, Click “LET’S PLAY.” This will bring you to
    your game page.
  3. Players can pick a specific theme or choose “SURPRISE ME.” Either way, they will immediately find a randomly generated prompts drawn from your selected themes.
  4. From the prompt, you will always have the option to pick another prompt from the same theme (NEW PROMPT), choose NEW THEME, or select SURPRISE ME to get a random prompt from your pre-selected shuffle.


  1. “HEART” YOUR FAVORITES – when you find decks you like a lot, mark them by checking the heart. It will turn red. Then, when you click on the heart in the top navigation you can find easily select prompts from your favorites, without navigating from category to category. To “unfavorite” a theme, just click on the red heart again.

  2. ADD YOUR LOGO – If you’d like a logo to appear in the bottom right corner of each prompt, simply click on My Account, and add your logo there.

  3. SELECT THE PROMPTS YOU WANT – For any theme you choose, you can “Select All” so every prompt in the theme is included in your shuffle. Or, click “Select Prompts,” to pick and choose only your preferred prompts. When you’re finished, click “Done,” then the close the box by clicking on the “X.”

  4. SEARCH – use the search function to find a prompt using a keyword. You will see which prompts and themes contain your keyword, so you can select themes accordingly.


Trainers Exchange was developed by Trainers Warehouse as a resource for teachers, trainers, and facilitators to have online resources at their fingertips. Trainers Warehouse, is a women-owned, family-owned business that was founded in 1990. For over 30 years, the team (now led by Susan Doctoroff Landay) has been dedicated to finding and creating training tools that make teaching and learning more innovative, effective, and fun. As a graduate of Yale College, Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, Sue has always been committed to finding balance between fun and professionalism. In the world of corporate learning, both are essential for success.

In the spirit of “exchange,” Sue offers these answers…

WHICH ARE YOU… Stroll or Run? I’m definitely “Run.” I never could sit still for long and am typically trying to fit more activities into a day than possible!

What songs have you completely memorized? I come from a show-tunes family. Can’t remember any of the lyrics from most popular songs, but many Broadway tunes are marked in my brain forever!

Favorite stuff to read? Because my husband is an author, I have to admit I love reading his novels more than anything!